Welcome to the Yates Growing Community

This community blog is a place for gardeners to come together to share their successes, problems and aspirations while having fun growing. We’ll have different challenges to make life interesting along the way.

The current challenge is the Vegie Growing Challenge 2020. It’s open to all skill levels including newbies – you just need a passion for gardening and a willingness to share your journey. 

There will be THREE Main Winners, each receiving a $1000 Go Gardening voucher + $300 of Yates products.  Plus there are also THREE Runner up Prizes for the Best Challenge Overcome, the Best Vegie Growing Challenge Supporter and Best Learner Gardener.  There is a prize of $200 of Yates products for each of these runner ups.

The Vegie Growing Challenge starts Mon 7th Sept, and ends Fri 13th Dec 2020.

To sign up just click HERE, and then the "Join / Sign in" green button. 

Vegie Growing Challenge

The Vegie Growing Challenge is back! Running for its 11th year hundreds of gardeners have shared their journeys & won fabulous prizes. Read on for tips & prize info…

What’s Going On

Click here to find out about the New Mini Challenge - Favourite Vegetable Recipes. This week’s winner of the free pack of seeds is ruGrew. Congratulations. Keep posting garden updates to be in to win the weekly free pack of seeds.

Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Sarah the Gardener from Yates will join you in this challenge. She posts in her blog once a week, on a Monday, with news about the challenge & her own garden’s progress. Click above to see her current blog.